Ethical initiatives

Fair Trade

We have a range of products from developing countries that are made by artisans and workers supported by fair trade organisations. This provides them with fair pay and conditions so they have the opportunity to support themselves and their families with dignity.

Donating to the Mazar Development Fund

5% of the sale of our crafts from Afghanistan is donated back to the region through the Mazar Development Fund. The fund raises financial support for health and education programs for the people of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, through partnerships with local and international NGO's that work with the local communities in the region. In Australia it is hard to imagine the consequences of dire poverty and the damage caused by thirty years of war and unrest. However, the reality is that every contribution that we make – small or large – can help improve the situation of the people of one of the poorest and most unstable countries in the world.

Choosing environmentally friendly options

We have a range of gifts made from recycled materials, including paper, textiles, metal and timber. Our furniture is made using reclaimed and plantation timbers. Our clothing and textiles are made from natural fibers with a preference for organically grown. We reuse and keep packaging to an effective minimum.